+Back Pain
Back Pain NYC is one of the most common complaints we see. 8 out of 10 people will suffer from Back Pain at one point or another in their lifetime. We offer a fully integrated approach to help determine the cause and map out an effective plan for treating and relieving your back pain long term.
Sciatica NYC is pain that radiates down the leg, calf and foot. It often originates in the low back but in many cases the patient does not experience low back pain. Patients often present with hip or leg pain that they believe is unassociated with their back. A proper exam is required to determine the nature of your pain.
+Herniated Disc
Herniated disc NYC is a common spinal disorder that can cause back pain as well as sciatica. It is the most common musculoskeletal cause of sciatica and leg pain. Their are a number of spinal diseases that affect the spinal disc and disc herniated is just one of them. Most cases of herniated disc respond well to conservative management.
+Neck Pain
Neck Pain NYC, much like back pain, can affect a large percent of the population. In recent years, we’ve seen and increase in technology related neck pain and discomfort. Many patients and younger persons today are victims of ‘text neck’ or other postural and RSI (repetitive stress injury) related causes of neck pain.
Chiropractic NYC has proven to be an effective option for conservative management of musculoskeletal pain. Our chiropractors are New York state licensed and insured. All sessions at The Center are always one on one with your primary Doctor of Chiropractic. While chiropractors employ manual adjustments as a primary mode of treatment it is not the only option at The Center. Should you have reservations or concerns about any aspect of your treatment we encourage you to discuss this with your provider and find alternate options that may make you more comfort.
+Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy NYC at The Center is focused on the Redcord Sling Therapy system of treatment. This method employs a system of slings and harnesses that allow your therapist to ‘offload’ body weight much like occurs in a swimming pool or the ocean. This allows you to quickly and effectively target the problem area and apply therapeutic exercise without pain. Focusing on ‘fascial trains’ allows for consistent, reproducible and long lasting changes to your core and postural system.
ATM2 NYC is new technique to treat pain in your neck, back, pelvis, hips, knees, and shoulders. You can experience a reduction in pain and increase in range of motion after the very first session. By impacting the central nervous system, ATM2® teaches the joint a “new” pain-free way to move.
Redcord NYC sling system can help no matter what your age or muscle strength. Redcord uses bungee cords to assist with each movement, providing a targeted workout without painful interference. Redcord also uses multiple points of suspension set 60 centimeters apart. These multiple points produce ideal gravity and more flexibility of position. This helps you to exercise in your most natural position, which limits the pain and targets the correct muscles.
+Cold Laser
Super-Pulsed Cold Laser Therapy NYC is a non-invasive and drug-free treatment that can eliminate pain, reduce inflammation, and expedite the healing process for most injuries. A form of light therapy, the laser generates almost no heat, so it is cool to the touch and actually soothing. Stimulating the body’s own healing systems, this form of treatment increases joint mobility, improves tissue repair, and promotes cell regeneration.
+Spinal Decompression
We offer the SpineMED® Spinal Decompression Therapy System in NYC to relieve pain for both degenerative and compressive injuries. This technique alleviates symptoms associated with bulging, protruding, and herniated discs, as well as sciatica and facet syndrome.


Boutique/concierge Chiropractic & Physical Therapy In NOMAD district Manhattan. Always one on one with a New York State licensed Chiropractor or Physical Therapist.


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We believe that physical rehabilitation and wellness should not only be engaging but actually provide a great patient experience that people will remember.

Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

The core service offering are delivered by Nationally certified and New York licensed Chiropractors and Physical Therapists.

Computerized Testing & Training

If you can’t measure performance, you can’t track it.  Computer assisted functional evaluation and training programs ensure accurate results.

Medical Massage

A perfect compliment to round out our suite of advanced physical rehabilitation and wellness products.

Physical Rehabilitation

Advanced, functional physical rehabilitation techniques and technology helps complement our core services.

Medically Supervised Fitness

Done with rehab but not ready to workout on your own yet?  Our transitional medically supervised fitness programs are perfect for you.

Acupuncture & Dry Needle

Acupuncture has proven to be a valuable addition to physical rehabilitation and musculoskeletal problems as well.

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Redcord Park Ave.Redcord Upper East Side
Laser Therapy Upper East SideSuper pulsed cold therapy laser Upper East Side


We work with leading medical technology companies. Close partnerships with cutting edge technology companies allow us to provide world-class treatment.

Apos Therapy Be Yourself Again


Irradia Medical Laser Systems

Pain Elimination


Bio Feedback Motor Control

Patient On-boarding

We tackle musculoskeletal problems with intelligence. We use cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge thinking to bring relief where other methods have failed. Each patient experiences a personalized Onboarding process.


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